MLOGD: Software download

The original programmes were described and used in Firth A. E., Brown C. M., 2005, Detecting overlapping coding sequences with pairwise alignments, Bioinformatics, 21, 282-92. Since then, I have made a lot of improvements to increase user-friendliness and versatility (Firth A. E., Brown C. M., Detecting Overlapping Coding Sequences in Virus Genomes, BMC Bioinformatics, 7, 75).

You may download the new software below. You can access the old software and old users' guide (not really recommended) at the old website here.

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The programmes are written in C++ and should run under any LINUX/UNIX-like environment (including MacOS-X X11). You will need a C++ compiler and the ability to run C-shell (csh) scripts. You will also need to install the publicly-available packages, R and EMBOSS. See README for installation details and links to R and EMBOSS websites.